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                Nanjing College of Information Technology is an  advanced vocational education provider, which is owned and run by the  State. The college is accessed by the Jiangsu province education  office, and confirmed by People’s Government and National Education  Ministry in the year 1953. 

                The college is upgraded from the Nanjing  Radio Industrial School. The college is at the first rate in the  advanced vocational education from the day when it is formed; the  college has an advantage of good foundation, high starting-point. At the  meantime, the college has a good prospect and exhibits enough stamina. In 2004, the 287,000 square meters Xianlin campus has been put into use.

                The  college lies in Nanjing city, and it has a total area of 1000 mu (67  ha. or 165 acres), 900,000 books, over 10000 students. The college has  more than twenty research institutes and teaching factories, there are  many modern types of equipment, such as the campus net that was directly  connected with the internet, the classroom with satellite TV system,  multi-media network classroom, language lab, electronic reading room,  academic report hall, studio, rehearsal room, gymnasium and so on. The  student apartment is well-managed and is well-equipped. There are over  600 full-time teachers; over 75 percents of them have senior specialized  technology titles. The teachers’ team is stable. They have high  moral obligation, and a lot of experiences. Every teammate has better  education background. Teachers in the college have compiled and official  published over 100 textbooks, and the teacher has attended nearly 30  academic organizations, held by National Education Ministry,National  IT Ministry, provincial education department, whom has been in the  position of main director. In 2003, the college became the personnel  training base of computer use and software development established by  the educational ministry. At the same time, the assembly technology  major as well as other three ones are built as the key majors by the  Jiangsu Information Industry Ministry. The college has eight  departments:  Electronics Information Engineering, Mechanic and Electric Engineering,  Micro Electronics Engineering, Communication Engineering, CNC &  Mould, Foreign Languages, School of Information Services, and School of  Software have been founded in this college together with the  Further Education School. Majors in the college have reached 26, mainly  including electronic & information technology, communication  technology, electronic circuit technology, computer control technology,  Surface Mount Technology (SMT). The College is training the  specialized personnel of advanced application technology in the field of  producing, technology, management, and service after sale. 

                The  college has already built a complete system of transfer and update from  academy credential to university one. On the other hand, college  pays a lot attention to the cooperation with other companies and  colleges. The college currently has such joint teaching programs as BCIT,  TAFE, NCC, and NIIT to educate cross cultural students. That gives us a  multi-hierarchy, multi-form, and multi-channel operation system. Over  the past 50 years, the college has trained nearly 40,000 technical  personnel in the field of electronic technology; the graduates are arranged  to many large and middle cities of our country. Many companies welcome  the firm foundation, better skills, and high complex quality graduates.  The college has built a stable basis for the graduates in Nanjing,  Suzhou industrial zone, Kunsan economic development zone, Guangzhou,  Shenzhen, Zuhai of Guangdong Province, Shanghai hi-tech development  zone, Zhejiang, Xiamen. In recent two years, the college is  developing overseas market especially. And the college has cooperated  with NEC (Singapore), Gultech (Singapore) Ltd. Some graduates are  sent to work in Singapore. The rate of employment of the college is  above 98%, which is in the forefront of the other colleges, and the college  is commended by the leading departments. The college is titled  “demonstration unit of recruiting and employment” by provincial planning  committee and provincial education office for many times. The  successful experience of our college is reported by many national media such as CCTV News Report, China Education Newspaper, and CCTV News. 

                Nanjing  College of Information Technology is developing with reform of Chinese  vocational education. In the 21st century – products are numerical;  information exchanges in the net; technology is in integrated, the  information technology industry has a good prospect, IT industry needs  more high quality vocational personnel with firm theory knowledge and  practical ability of technology. The aim of the college is the social need;  the goal is “modernization, integration, high-quality”. The College  always strives for the heading position of vocational education.


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